Wedding Videography

When Your Day Requires the Luxury it Deserves

Wedding videography is so much more than a ceremony and reception.  Those little letters between each other before you get married, your vows and loving messages from your parents are what really count.  Those will be the memories you love hearing and watching over and over again in your wedding video. 

You’ve taken the time to plan and coordinate your day, how do you want to re-live it

“Seriously, Karli and I couldn’t be more impressed with how this turned out.  Thank you so much!  If ANYONE is looking for a videographer, give him a call or contact him through his business page… you won’t be let down!!!”

~ Chris

“Today, I received our wedding video… and I BAWLED as I watched it.. Kirk has the pure talent needed to highlight such a special day.”  

~ Eden 

We also travel to make your wedding video.  We traveled to Las Vegas and hit as much as we could to make their wedding video special.  From the chapel, sign museum, casino, to some great landscape areas, we love being able to take the time to create a wedding video that is right for you.

We absolutely love capturing vows and letters written to each other.  

There is nothing better in your wedding video than an elegantly written letter or vow from your loved one.  If you are ever debating about choosing to have a wedding videographer, starting up your wedding video and listening to a message your loved one wrote over and over definitely is a no-brain’er.

If you’re considering wedding videography, we’d love to sit down and discuss everything you are looking for.  There is nothing more important than understanding our clients needs and wants prior to your wedding.  Knowing our clients helps us to design the style of wedding video you are wanting prior to even stepping foot at your wedding venue.

Contact us now, to set up your consultation.