What most people miss out ...

After 5 years in combat zones, I decided to put all of my military and technical training to the side so I can be close to my sons and family. 


If you’re like me, you’ve made sacrifices somewhere and lost out on time you couldn’t get back.  Whether it was spending time working, helping a friend, working too long on a project, or just getting side tracked.  The next thing you know, you blinked, now you’re wondering where time went.   


The beautiful thing about photography is, that your memory will last a lifetime.  I remember sitting back and always looking at those old Polaroid photos in the family album.  This is what I want for all of my couples is to be able to share in memories for years to come.  


You sitting back, with your loved one and reminiscing on your sofa about how young you looked, friends you haven’t seen in ages wondering what they are up to, and… how amazing everyone looked years ago.  


When you love your partner, you hold hands, enjoy your walks, and love spending time together unconditionally.  

Many people miss a perfect opportunity to walk home, open the door and realize how amazing their life is with the people they love.  A quality print in your hallway or living room, right as you open the door after a long day, makes all the difference in the world.  If the last decent photo of your loved one is resting on your phone, how good is it? 


Don’t miss out…

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