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What to Expect

•  Images ready in 2 weeks 

     •  In home, Office or zoom viewing

•  You know exactly who your photographer or videographer will be.  Not someone hired out to take care of your wedding.

•  We limit ourselves to 30 weddings a year so we can provide an overall better experience for you.  This is why you will receive prompt responses from us.

•  Expect only quality items.  We stand behind our products and take care of our clients.

Additional benefits

•  Full Service – We don’t ditch our clients by just handing over files.  

     •  You will have the opportunity to be provided with quality albums, acrylics, metals, wall art, prints and more after your wedding or photo session.

• We back up our files to multiple locations both on and off site.  We understand most clients will lose their digital files due to computer loss or crash so we take care of you.  

     •  We have your images backed up since day 1 to provide you with the future service you will need.  

•  All of our wedding albums come with 30 pages.  Anything less and you’ll be purchasing more.  

     •  Most other companies will pitch you on 20 pages so you’ll end up spending over $600 just for additional pages in your album.      


More Benefits

•  We offer in home consultation for any Wall Art to help plan out image sizes and locations for your home.

•  We can easily help find the right wedding vendors for your day.  We are well networked and work with many wedding professionals on a frequent basis.

•  Archival prints

     •  All of our prints are archival quality which means they have a tested life of over 99 years.  

•  We don’t offer cheap albums.  Many will use a knockoff album and will last you 5 years if you are lucky.  

     •  We only use the highest quality vendors for products and TAKE CARE OF YOU!