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Wedding Photography

Getting married and looking for Houston wedding photography?  The Houston area is a great location to have your wedding photography taken for your day.  Whether it is an epic reception or a small ceremony, we look forward to making your event as pleasant as possible.  If you need help developing your timeline, hair stylist or finding a wedding venue.  Please feel free to reach out as we will be glad to help.  It’s our goal to create epic images for your wedding day and we provide that by making sure your preparation, ceremony and reception are running smoothly with or without an event coordinator.  A smooth running day is key to getting epic images to put in your wedding album or photos on your wall.





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We have heard quite a bit.  “I have a friend” or “Uncle Bob” is taking your engagement photos.  We all have them but are they doing what’s in your best interest?    If they were your friend, they wouldn’t have you screw around with your engagement session.  If you are wondering why, engagement photos are the perfect time to get to know your wedding photographer.  You’re about to spend 10 hours of your wedding day with someone you otherwise met once, talked to on the phone or only online.   Find out how your wedding photographer works with you, what you can expect during your wedding day and how your personalities match.  It will also provide you with some diversification with photos around your home.  Not every photo needs to be you in a suit or wedding gown.