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Wedding Photography

Getting married and looking for a Houston wedding photographer?  We provide excellent customer service for both photography and videography/cinematography for your wedding day.   Whether it is an epic reception or a small ceremony, making your event as pleasant as possible is our priority.  Our photography stands out.  Not only are you receiving top quality images during your wedding day, we have the best albums in Houston.  Reach out to discuss your photography needs.  One thing that separates us from other photographers is we have our images ready for viewing in 2 weeks after your wedding.  Can you imagine waiting 6 weeks to 6 months for your images!?!  Neither can we, which is why we schedule your viewing approximately 2 weeks from your ceremony.


Destination weddings, Houston wedding photographer, wedding photographyBridal portrait on a bed of roses at a Houston wedding venue. Bride is laying on red roses in a white bridal gown surrounded by rosesBridal portrait with a white bridal gown in houston wedding venues. Train of the wedding gown in long with decorative design at the Lodge at Mound CreekWedding photographer Houston in Meridian Park during a destination wedding. Bride and Groom are standing in front of a 13 tiered waterfall.

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We have heard quite a bit.  “I have a friend” or “Uncle Bob” is taking your engagement photos.  We all have them but are they doing what’s in your best interest?    If they were your friend, they wouldn’t have you screw around with your engagement session.  If you are wondering why, engagement photos are the perfect time to get to know your wedding photographer.  You’re about to spend 10 hours of your wedding day with someone you otherwise met once, talked to on the phone or only online.   Find out how your wedding photographer works with you, what you can expect during your wedding day and how your personalities match.  It will also provide you with some diversification with photos around your home.  Not every photo needs to be you in a suit or wedding gown.


Engagement Session

Let’s kick off our relationship on the right foot.  Contact me today, mention you would like your session fee to be 100% toward your prints and digital files and let’s create some epic engagement photos together!


Customer Service

Great photos aren’t just made by meeting you on the day of your session.  Like all great photos they take planning.  For my brides and grooms who give that extra hour for creative photos before your ceremony, we can make some epic shots for you.  We went out of our way to provide the hundreds of flowers for the Bed of Roses photo for our client.  Wouldn’t you want the same?  We’re here to provide a quality service and go out of our way for you.  From the best albums to just making sure the little details are right for your wedding day.