Wedding Video

Wedding video can be one of the best or worst investments of your wedding.  Imagine watching a video and then listening to wind noise or room echo in your keepsake.  Can you afford to skip out?  


Capturing those little breaths while reading a note before your wedding, or those little sighs while picturing how much you love your bride or groom.   


ONE… the amount of opportunities you will have to capture your vows and speeches.   

Who would you count on to make sure you have it done right?



The beauty of having someone who does both photo and video is understanding lighting, posing, color… all of the many things that go into creating a story.  Without them, you’ll be missing out on an opportunity you could have had for a beautiful keepsake.


We love being able to choose the wedding video songs for your video and do our best to find music that will work well with your type of personality.