How much does wedding photography cost

The average price for a wedding photographer across the U.S. will range from $1,999 to $3999 for base packages.  These will likely include 1 photographer and a low end album.  


You can expect an EXPERIENCED wedding professionals to start their packages around $3,999 which would likely include 2 experienced professionals and a 30 page album.  


You can of course find photographers cheaper however, I would avoid those as they usually fall into the category of "unlikely to show" during your wedding day or have below quality images. 


You'll find the base market of wedding photography to fall between $1,999 for entry level or bare-bone base packages in which you'll likely end up spending more in the long run with additional albums or if they have an album, will degrade in 3 -5 years. 


Even without albums, we find that many people also will need to repurchase digital images after their hard drive goes corrupt.  They will also likely buy an album a year later at a higher cost because of inflation.   


In addition to your wedding photography, you'll also want prints, albums, wall art, etc. which will, on average, cost an additional $1000.  These will be images you will want to have and last you for generations.  


If purchasing an album at a later date, you can expect a higher cost additionally as it would have been discounted in your initial bundle.  

Wedding day timeline

Your wedding day timeline will vary depending on season.  On average, I would say most ceremonies start between 3-4pm however the very first thing you need to ask is... "When is sunset?".  Depending on time of year and location, it will change.

We recommend you have at least an hour and half prior to sunset for a standard 20 minute ceremony.  

Reason being:  You need to have time to complete your family photos and also have time for a creative hour for the epic images for your wedding.  After all, that is what you want a photographer for right?  If you want a more in depth guide to planning your timeline, you can go here.

Top key points:  Figure out sunset, book your venue so you are positive you have the date you want, figure 3 hours before your ceremony for photography to start.  Have your hair and makeup done  and about to be in your dress by the time the photographer shows up.

Do I need a 2nd photographer

An experienced photographer will be able to capture all of the major components and emotion regardless of size. 

However, I do recommend a second photographer because there are certain images only having 1 photographer won't be able to capture.   

Any time you have 125-150 people or more, we recommend a second photographer.  Having a 2nd photographer is a great way to capture different angles, capture action going on across the room and provide more variety for your album

How much does a wedding cost

On average, in Montgomery, TX. a wedding will cost $37,000 - $40,000... ranging anywhere from a couple hundred to well over $100k  Now with that being said, you and your fiance' need to start budgeting for your wedding and figure out exactly how much you are willing to spend for your day.  Find out if you need to get help from your parents 

Many times, it is often found that couples will go over budget by about 20% of what they expected because they followed some poor information from The Knot or Wedding Wire.  They haven't been consistent with the wedding industry for some time.  

What if I just want digital files

I won't disservice you by only providing digital files.  

Over and over I have found that couples spend more money trying to recover their digital files from lost or corrupted hard-drives then they did on their wedding photography.  

On average, a hard-drive will last about 4 years.  That's not a guaranty but statistics from large data corporations have shown a drastic decline after 4 years.  Did you back yours up?

Not to mention, years after a wedding, I often have clients come back for images or albums because they want something more... only I can't sell them at their original price. 

Don't miss out on a discounted bundle in your wedding package that already has albums and digital files in them.