3 Mistakes to Avoid on
Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Timeline

•  Some of the largest issues I’ve seen at weddings were all caused by someone being late, either the wedding party or vendors.

•  Your wedding photographer should be discussing your timeline from day 1.  You can expect us to start about 3 hours before the ceremony to capture details, preparation of Bride/Groom, and Creative hour.  This requires makeup, hair and the bride to be in her dress, or close to.

•  Make sure all of your wedding party and parents are on time.  Many times we are waiting for 1 person to show up.  With a tight schedule, we don’t need to have the rest of the day off track.

•  Help your day out with a 1st look.  Nothing helps streamline your day like a first look.  Otherwise we are playing Hide-&-Go-Seek with both parties.

•  Limit your family photos after the ceremony.  I’ve seen numerous couples wanting every variation of family member and they burn an hour just with group shots.  Your feet will be smoked in heels or flats.  

•We can get quite a few group photos done in 30 minutes as long as we don’t have to hunt down Uncle Chuck or the dorm room buddy from college who is at the bar.  To figure out how much time you need, figure an average of about 4 minutes per group photo.  10-15 group photos are plenty during this time, get the rest during reception.

Mother’s Reliving Their Day

•  The fastest way to upsetting a bride is to have a Mother who wants to relive the wedding she never had.  When a mother is shouting “It’s NOT YOUR CHOICE” during a wedding day… yeah, it’s going downhill.

•  Avoid the conflict now by preventing those arguments.  Keep control, set your boundaries or hire a planner to control it for you.  Too many times a Mother became Wicked Witch of the West.  

•  Set these boundaries early.  The sooner, the better.  

•  It’s your day.  Enjoy it and let the professionals handle the rest.  I’ve seen more fights between how a bride would want their wedding vs. how their mother wanted it.  Take control and plan your day.  I understand if they may be trying to help however, helping vs. controlling every facet of your wedding is a different conversation.  This is why I recommend having a planner. 

Hire the Right Professional

•  One question that frequently gets overlooked is how vendors act and for other vendor references.  Ask your other vendors about each other.  They’ve more than likely worked with each other several times.   

•  If you don’t want to see a photographer or videographer in your photos or video.  You NEED to ask where they will be standing during the ceremony.  Professional photographers and videographers will move in a Horse-shoe shaped pattern during the ceremony and capture the event.  Not stay in one location (unless it is a larger video team).

•  Hiring a good planner for your day can REALLY mean the difference.  Having an epic wedding and having no idea everything they are taking care of means you have the right vendors on your side.  Watching the right wedding vendors work behind the scenes and help each other out is amazing.  Have them give you an example of something that went wrong and how it got fixed when you interview them

•  Know exactly what you are getting with your photography.  A quality photographer will have albums in their packages or at least have several for purchase.  If they only have digital files, run away.

•   Know exactly what you are getting with venues, DJ’s, videographers, caterer, florist, etc.  Who will be cutting the cake for all of your guests?  Who is providing linens?  What time do you need to finish to have the venue cleaned up or is the venue covering this for you?  Are the vendors picking up items after or do you need to drop them off?  Questions you need to ask before you hire.

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