If you are looking for a Houston headshot, at Kirk Surber Photography we’re not looking for “a” headshot;  we’re looking for “the” headshot. Pull out your business card or look at your profile picture.  Does it say “Confident and Approachable”?  That is what you should be going for on every headshot.  A slight narrowing of the eyes and a slight smile.  We coach you through the entire step of the way through viewing the first initial shots to knowing you have your top images you want on your profile or business card.  We all know 1st impressions are made in the first 7 seconds.  Headshots are the first thing your client sees when they get on your website or see who they are doing business with.  Your headshot needs to not only show someone who is going to be friendly but also someone who is going to get the job done.  Someone who is going to sell your clients property, win their court case, land the leading role or someone who is determined to get the job done and do it well.